Grow your own food…what?

One day Tash and I decided we were going to become plant based…we wanted to put healthier options into our bodies. With that being said, we made our first trip to the grocery store to buy ALLLLLLL the veggies, while looking for the best produce we realized just how expensive some things really were.

I had been begging Tash for months to build our own garden so we could pick fresh items and that grocery store trip was the perfect time to bring up my garden again. πŸ™‚ In all seriousness, we are not getting the best produce at the store. The fruits and veggies are being pick way before they’re ready and getting forced to ripen so they “look good” on the shelf. By doing this it allows them to last longer on the shelf and to ship well, so we lose tons of nutrients! Let me tell you…there is nothing better then the taste of fresh picked cilantro. *drooling as I type this* Or no more late night runs to the store because your partner decides she wants fresh arugula on her veggie burger and there is none in the fridge. Wellllll guess what, we have arugula growing in our garden. πŸ™‚

Arugula from our garden

Back to the point of this post…Tash is very much a planner and I am very much not, but because I had been begging Tash for so long to build this garden, I most definitely had to come in with a plan. Being a military family, we didn’t want to spend an arm and a leg on something when we were just going to leave in a few years, but we also didn’t want something so cheap that it would fall apart quickly. We decided to build a raised 4×4 garden bed because I have bad knees and we wanted to access it by standing up.
The wood we chose was pine…Cedar is better, however way more expensive.

Here’s a list of the items we purchased from Lowes and Home Depot. We bought all our lumber at Home Depot and pretty much everything else from Lowes.
1-4x4x12 (Cut into 3 feet sections)
2-1x8x8 (Both cut in half)
3-1x2x8 (All cut in half)
Landscape Fabric
1/4 in Hardware cloth
2 1/2 in deck screws
And that’s it for the actual bed!! This cost us around $60.

Our biggest expense was the soil. Soil is everything. I mean it, a little louder for the people in the back…SOIL IS EVERYTHING.
6-Sta-green Flower and Vegetable Garden Soil
3-Black Velvet Mushroom Compost

That’s it! We chose vegetable from young plants as well as seeds. The way we set up our gardening was by square foot gardening (SFG). We have 16 squares to work with since we have a 4×4 bed. For more indepth information on SFG I highly suggest you check out this page.

Our square foot garden

If this is your first garden ever, which I assume it is since you’ve gotten this far in my blog, start small with your garden so you can manage it. πŸ™‚ As you plan your garden layout, plant things that you like to eat! You are much more likely to tend to it and take care of it if it’s something you like…with that being said, every growing season I encourage you to grow ONE thing that’s new to you. Gardening is probably one of the most therapeutic things to me.

Thank you so much for reading this and let me know if you have any questions! -SJ

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