Easy ways to reduce plastic!

Hi all! I hope you had a great weekend, Tash and I spent ours doing projects around the house. 🙂

Today’s topic is about easy ways to reduce plastic in your home and in your life. You can thank my good friend Sonya for suggesting this post! Yay.

Again, disclaimer…These ideas and suggestions work well for my life and you may have to tweak it for yours.

Plastic, oh my, where do I begin? Plastic pollutes our planet, it kills our animals and it is unhealthy to us. You see, plastic doesn’t go away. Every piece of plastic that has ever been made, is still on Earth to this day. Plastic continues to break down into tiny pieces in what we call micro plastics…Scientists have found micro plastic in HUMANS because it’s in what we are eating. I can definitely go on and on about plastic, maybe I’ll write a post about it. Anyways…on to ways to reduce it.

In my opinion the simplest way to reduce plastic in your home is to not bring plastic bags in. Bring your own reusable bag! Some stores give you money back on your purchase if you bring your own bag (and who doesn’t like extra change in their pocket). If you forget your reusable bag, you can buy a cheap one at the store or ask for paper…Now before anyone jumps at that comment…paper is not the best option because of the resources used to make it, HOWEVER you can continue to reuse the paper bag or turn it into a trash bag. If you are sew savvy, you can even make your own reusable bag from and old t-shirt! Pictured below is one that Tash and I made from my step-dads old button down.

The next way to reduce plastic is purchasing your produce without it! Produce has it’s own protection…its skin. When you get home wash your produce. Many stores now are putting random items of produce in bags which clearly do not need a bag…we live in a time where we have a plastic obsession for some reason…not okay. My favorite place to buy produce though is at a local farmers market because they are usually never packaged in plastic annnnnnnnd they are much more fresh.

Another way is to wash and reuse jars! The bulk of our glass jars that we use are from spaghetti sauce, kimchi, vegan mayo, etc. Just throw them in the dishwasher and they work great! This reduces waste and prevents you from buying glass containers.

If you are a coffee lover, then bringing your own reusale cup will save tremendously on plastic waste. Most local coffee shops offer a good amount off your purchase if you bring your own..but if you are a Starbucks drinker, they offer ten cents off.

I talked about this one in one of my blogs, but using a reusable straw or no straw also reduces plastic in the home.

*Side note…if you do happen to find yourself with a plastic bag, do NOT put them in the recycle, even if they have the symbol on it. A lot of city recycles cannot recycle any type of plastic you can put your finger through. There are options though!!! Target accepts plastic bags in a clearly labeled container and so does Publix (if you have one near you). They take this plastic back to their main centers and can recycle them there.

There are many, many more ways to reduce plastic in the home but these ones are easy changes for someone trying to reduce plastic. We don’t need everyone to be perfect, we just need people trying.

Let me know what you’re doing or going to start doing! -SJ

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