Challenges of living life with no single use plastic.

Becoming 100% plastic free where Tash and I live is definitely pretty hard. When I decided I wanted to become as plastic free as possible to help reduce my carbon foot print, I started off with what I mentioned in yesterday’s blog post.

Have you every walked into a grocery store with having plastic in your mind?…it’s literally EVERYWHERE. I was so overwhelmed when I did my first plastic free challenge. We saw tomatoes and bell peppers wrapped in plastic…I was so upset because we went to Trader Joe’s and I thought it would be a good place to go…(through customer demand though, they are phasing out plastic in their stores now. WIN). By becoming aware of the plastic around us, we started to look into the bulk stores that we had. Lucky’s Market is the only one in our area that allows you to bring in your own glass containers. And because they’re a bulk store, a lot of their produce items are not wrapped in plastic, YAY. At the grocery store, we also looked into condiments or what not in glass jars rather then the plastic ones.

The hardest thing for Tash and I is the bathroom. I have big curly thick hair and I live in a very humid and sticky environment. We tried the shampoo bars and conditioner bars and they just simply did not work for me. I already don’t wash my hair a lot due to it being curly, but the shampoo bars just weren’t giving it a good clean. My hair was dull and the texture was way off. I tried apple cider vinegar wash afterwards…still nothing. But I gave it an honest effort. In my opinion shampoo bars are GREAT, they just may not work for everyone. So since my shampoo is in a plastic bottle still, I make sure I buy the largest size bottle I can of it, that way it will last me a long time and I end up using less plastic in the long run. I really enjoy the soap bars and lotion bars…I just can’t do the ones for the hair. Again, I’m not perfect but I am aware.

Also some of our favorite foods come in plastic. The obstacle we had around this was, either 1. not eating those foods or 2. figuring out how to make those food. Chips are on of the things I LOVE to eat, buuuut there are so many ways to make them and that makes me so happy. We really love kale chips with nutritional yeast on them. HEAVEN. As we learned to be more familiar with the kitchen, we realized there were more ways we could use less plastic. SO. We became vegan overnight…because Tash likes to go hard or go home. I’ll post about us becoming vegan and all the adventures around it later.

Now Tupperware…ours is plastic. Not going to lie. Eventually we want to phase it out and purchase the stainless steal ones or all glass, however our Tupperware is still in great condition and throwing things out just to buy more is not sustainable at all…so we just use what we have until we can no longer use it.

Now on top of reducing all of our single use plastic, we are also as low waste as possible. Crazy, I know…but once you understand how, it is definitely really easy. Again, I will talk about that in a different post.

Last thing I want to tell you…I am not perfect. You are not perfect. THAT’S OKAY! All that matters is that you are aware of the issue involving single use plastic and that you’re trying to do something about it. You see it’s a cascading affect. You start to reduce your single use plastic and those around you will start to do that as well. Be the change y’all. -SJ

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