Becoming vegan was probably one of the best decisions I have ever made. Now I know that sounds crazy, but hear me out. We have been vegan for probably a little over six months and I cannot explain to you how much energy Tash and I have from it! When Tash first asked to go vegan, I pouted for a minute or two because I was thinking of all the junk food I couldn’t eat anymore (which I quickly learned wasn’t true, hehe). I must say our first trip to the grocery store being vegan was expensive because we literally had nothing to make a vegan meal. Nutritional yeast, what even is this stuff?!? At this point I was slightly regretting this decision.

We decided to go vegan because we wanted to put good things into our bodies and control every aspect of it. Also, we wanted to reduce our carbon foot print and our plastic consumption. There are so many types of vegan but in all honesty with Tash being in the military we just decided to call it plant-based vegan because we didn’t necessarily live the “vegan” lifestyle.

Plant Based VS Vegan?????
Plant based-pretty explanatory right? It basically is just as it sounds, eating only whole plants and no animals and byproducts of animals.

Vegan- it’s MORE then just plant based…it’s a whole philosophy involving diets, politics, and ethics surrounding animal rights.

I am not suggesting everyone goes vegan or plant based, but definitely challenge yourself to try one meatless meal a week, like “Meatless Monday”. Just one change a day can help reduce plastic and your carbon footprint tremendously . Ok, so when Tash and I hit the inter-webs trying to find easy vegan recipes we stumbled across Eat Figs, Not Pigs and The Minimalist Baker. These two are BY FAR our favorite places to get recipes from. I recommend you check either of them out. Their recipes don’t even taste like they’re vegan. On that note, there is also many plant based meat options, Gardein and Morning Star have some great options, that could fool any meat lover. Tash is Filipino/Puerto Rican so meat was very much in our diets prior to going vegan, so I was very shocked when she suggested it. She is still loving it till this day!

Like I have mentioned before with a ripple effect, eating plant based is one of those things. Tash’s sister went vegan for lent and her family is eating at more vegan restaurants. My coworker is adding more plant options to her meals and even my parents have asked about some of the items we have made.

Before, anyone asks the question…vegans have so many options for protein! Beans, nuts, chickpeas, veggies etc. There are way more options in the plant world for protein then in the meat world for protein. If you know a vegan…please don’t ask them how they get their protein. Thank you!

Well, that is all for today, I hope you got something from this and try a meatless day. 🙂 -SJ

I’m going to leave these two vegan meals right here for you. 🙂

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