Zero waste COFFEE

HI! Hope everyone had a nice weekend! Tash got me an AeroPress this weekend for work. It’s this little contraption that makes espresso without an espresso maker! It is AMAZING.

For those of you who don’t know me, I absolutely love coffee. I’m an addict. It’s in my blood. I have to say though, I am a coffee snob. Foldgers…Maxwell…I am sorry, but you just don’t do it for me.

So, being a coffee lover has led to me this post, zero waste coffee AND plastic free. Yup. Believe it. I got you covered from creamer to sweetener. You will thank yourself later for this.

First things first…the coffee. Find yourself a bulk store that allows you to bring your own containers. Fill your container with the coffee there, they even have grinders if you do not have one at home. Voila, plastic free. BUT WAIT, if by chance you do not have a bulk store or cannot bring your own container, just go ahead and buy the bigger bag of coffee (this reduces the amount of waste).

Secondly, get a reusable coffee filter. They have them for Keurig, Chemex and many more. Then the used grounds can go in your compost or in your garden since they’re a great fertilizer. Or if you read my Composting 101 blog, get bamboo coffee filters and go ahead and compost the whole thing when done.

Third, the sweetener. Ever been to a Starbucks or local coffee shop and they have the pump syrup? Well, you can make that at home! Again, go to your local bulk store and buy cane sugar (this works for the vegans as well). This is just the basic recipe. Feel free to experiment and infuse it with many different flavors. I’m obsessed with pumpkin and made that one last year and it was heaven sent.

Simple Syrup Recipe
1c cane sugar
1c water
Combine sugar and water into pot and bring to boil. Once the sugar dissolves, take off the heat and let it cool down before pouring into container.

Lastly the creamer. Tash and I really like oat milk, but you can make any nut milk if you prefer. AGAIN, go to your local bulk store with your container and get rolled oats. If you already have them at home, winning! I really like this recipe because it does not require soaking the oats. Making oat milk is so much cheaper than buying it at the store. We all know I am all about saving a penny.

Oat Creamer Recipe
1/2c rolled oats
1 1/4c water
2tbsp agave or maple syrup (I like the taste of maple syrup) (optional)
2tsp vanilla extract (optional)
Place water and oats into a blender and blend until smooth. Use a cheese clothe to strain it (You can use left over oat pieces in cookies or put in compost). Pour strained oats and water back into blend and put in maple syrup and vanilla extract, blend until mixed thoroughly.

That’s it! Make your coffee add in your sweetener and creamer and ENJOY! I know this takes a little bit longer then just going to the store and purchasing it. However, this is way cheaper, you are not getting added chemicals, you can control how much of what goes into it to adjust to your likings, AND you’re helping save the planet by not using plastic.

Let me know your concoctions! Much love-SJ

5 thoughts on “Zero waste COFFEE

  1. omg the creamer recipe. this is genius.
    I am the only coffee drinker in my home so I go the french press route and use the coffee grounds at the bottom as an exfoliate in the shower later in the day 🙂
    Thanks for the sweetener and creamer recipes, I didn’t even think about that!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The French press is awesome! I love that you use the grounds as an exfoliate! That’s awesome. Does is work well for you?

      And you’re welcome! They’re amazing in my opinion, but I’m a little biased haha. A new sweetener I’ve been loving lately is adding 2 tablespoons of dried lavender to the water and sugar while boiling. It’s very tasty!


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