6 Ways to Reduce Plastic in the Kitchen

Reducing plastic in the kitchen in my opinion is the easiest place to start because you really have a lot of control over it! And it looks so instagram worthy. Haha!

  1. When buying your produce, do not put it in the bag. Tash and I always have our produce free. I think the cashier is not a fan of us when we buy like 5 potatoes bag-less, but oh well. If you don’t fancy that, another way to not use a plastic bag for your produce is to use a cloth bag! They’re great and super thin, so you don’t have to worry about the added weight to the price.
  2. SPONGES. The majority of sponges are made from an oil based plastic. If your sponge promises antibacterial or odor removing…you can bet your butt they are full of chemicals. And lastly! These sponges are perfect for hosting millions of bacteria. Yuck. Just take a minute to think…when is the last time you changed your sponge…yes, I’m intentionally trying to gross you out, sorry. But! Alas, there is a more sustainable, plastic free option. Wood dish brushes are awesome because well the handle is made of wood and the bristles are replaceable annnd you can compost them when you’re done (see why I think everyone needs a compost bin haha).
  3. I will say this over and over until I am blue in the face, sorry…but buying your cooking/baking items at a bulk store that allows you to bring your own containers, where I live the only store that allows us to do that is Lucky’s Market. I know some might not have that option..and if that is the case, just look for your items in packaging that you can compost. We like to store our items in glass containers because we are minimalist and love the look of it.
  4. Say no to plastic wrap when storing your food. I now this was such a hot thing that was invented..however, it is terrible for us and for the environment. Get yourself some bee’s wax wraps, or make your own. All you do is place them over your bowl and use the heat of your hands to warm the wax to the bowl, or to itself. (We just use our Tupperware in our house because we don’t use bee products, but they’re still amazing).
  5. Speaking of Tupperware, ours is plastic…but it’s in good condition and we aren’t going to throw something out just because. As the tuperware deteriorates or cracks, replace it with a more sustainable option like these awesome stainless steel ones.
  6. Last one for the day. TRASH BAGS. 🙂 This is a big one and a scary one for most. In all honesty, you don’t need a plastic trash bag…if you are composting, you are not producing that much extra waste so therefore your trash bag doesn’t need to hold slimy things. Also with composting, this will reduce the smell of your garbage can, which means you don’t need to buy the chemical covered scenty ones. The trash bin in our house is about the size of an office desk trash can. Shocking huh. I promise you, you can do that too! It may take some time to get there but it is achievable.

I know all of this can be daunting and scary…I assure you it is definitely easier then it seems. Start with one area at a time and TAKE YOUR TIME. You don’t have to reduce all your plastic over night, just taking one change at a time and you’re helping the world out tremendously. I am here to help you and answer any questions you have! -SJ

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