One Day Plastic Free Challenge!

So for this weekend, I challenge you to take a single use plastic free ONE DAY. That’s just 24hrs and for a chunk of that, you’re sleeping. 🙂 Keep your eyes pealed to just how much plastic there really is in this world.

What does this mean?

When getting coffee, bring a reusable cup with you. Say no to the straw. Or make your own coffee at home.

Bring your water bottle with you everywhere, that way it will prevent you from purchasing a single use plastic one.

If you grocery shop any day this weekend, ask for paper or bring your own reusable bags.

When dining out, bring your own Tupperware with you so you can take your left overs home without using plastic/Styrofoam. With that being said try to avoid going to a fast food place, this will reduce so much single use plastic.

Challenge yourself. Help our planet out, after all, it’s the only one we have. Tell your friends and families to try this with you! You’re more likely to do something if you have a support group. You have two days this weekend. That’s TWO shots at going single use plastic free. Tag me in instagram (link on the side) or comment on here to let me know how well you did or what other ways you eliminated plastic from your challenge!

You can do this! We all can do this. I am so excited for everyone. -SJ

5 thoughts on “One Day Plastic Free Challenge!

  1. I am definitely going to have to try this. I met a girl who works with my company who is completely vegan and really cares for the environment (not because it’s the cool thing to do in 2019 but because she cares about the long-term effects of things). I want to see if I can go 24-hours without plastic. Wish me luck!

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