Don’t be Afraid to Garden

Hi everyone! I hope you were able to reduce a little of your single use plastic with the plastic free challenge this past weekend! Today I am going to be talking about gardening!

If you read my post Grow Your Own Food, then you will already have a little bit of an idea. However, if you do not want to build a big ole raised bed like we did, I have other solutions for you!

Growing your own food doesn’t have to be hard. Even if you don’t have a green thumb, there are still options out there for you. You will not be disappointed when growing your own food.

Thinking of ways to grow food? Well, there are gardens in containers, in the ground, in raised beds, in water and a few others. If you live in an apartment or just simply don’t have the outside space, don’t fret! There are still things you can grow.

Container gardens are perfect for apartments or any area with little space. These types of gardens can be grown inside near a window/light source or outside on a balcony/patio. The only con with these gardens, are you have to water them a little more regularly. Plants in containers tend to dry out a little faster then in the ground. But if you have limited spaces this is such a great alternative. Tash and I have our herbs growing in containers indoors and they’re thriving.

In ground gardens work wonders if you have a big enough space. Dig up the ground a little bit so it is not compacted, you might need to add some soil amendments if your soil isn’t the greatest. If you live in the states you can go to an IFAS Extension office and get your ph tested in your soil. You can do this at home too with kits. The biggest con with in ground gardens is weeding. The weeds will take over and it’s not fun, your plants will try to compete with the weeds for space and water.

Raised garden beds are nice because you don’t have to be so low to the ground. These can be very versatile, they can be built right above the ground of you can raise them a few feet as well. A con with raised beds if making sure it is deep enough for roots to grow. Typically you will need around 8-10 inches depth. Ours at home is 8in depth and we haven’t had any issues just yet.

Gardens in water is a unique was to grow things. This can be hydroponics or aquaponics. These are both in water, however aquaponics involve a fish. It creates this beneficial relationship with the plant. Cons about these, they can tend to be way more expensive then any other type of garden.

Gardens are so much fun with trial and error. In Florida, I have it pretty lucky because I can grow literally all year long. Don’t get too sad just yet…there are certain things you can grow inside all year long too because a plant doesn’t necessarily know it isn’t spring. Herbs are a very great example of this, they just grow and grow and grow. If you are a lettuce eater, these can also be grown year round as well indoors. It’s mainly plants that need to be pollinated that you cannot grow indoors unless you feel like getting up close and personal with your plant and pollinate it yourself with a paintbrush. Even if you struggle, most plants are pretty resilient.

If you are really wanting to grow something outside, look and see what zone you are in (it will be a number system), turn the seed packet over and it will tell you an approximate time to plant based on zone.

Again, I am all about gardening because in the long run it is cheaper then buying produce at the store. It reduces my carbon footprint by not having to get in car and travel to the store annnd it also reduces plastic since stores like to wrap it all in plastic. Home grown foods and herbs taste 100 times better then store bought as well, they also tend to have some more nutritional value in them.

And lastly, there is something just so satisfying and gratifying about harvesting something you grew. Good luck and again don’t be scared!-SJ

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