The Lowdown on Zero Waste

What exactly is “zero waste”?

Well in short, it is basically not sending anything to the landfill. It is about reusing what you have, reducing what you need, sending as little as you can to recycle and composting the rest.

I think the toughest thing or concept people have with zero waste is where to even begin. The very first thing I can tell you is USE what you already have!! If you are wanting a to live with less waste or just care about your earth, this is the single most important thing to do. Throwing things out to just buy more “sustainable” items is the exact opposite of being zero waste. This is a huge misconception.

Being zero waste is not pretty, it’s not instagram worthy like some may have you believing. It’s not about the picture perfect glass bottles holding everything…it’s the butter container you still have from before starting this journey that you keep REUSING until it no longer can be used anymore. It’s taking worn out clothes and cutting them into pieces to use as napkins and cleaning rags. It’s going to a thrift store and re purposing an item.

In America alone the average person throws out about SEVEN pounds of trash per day!! That is insane. This has to change if we want to continue to have a planet to live on. You don’t have to be perfect, but just one change you make can help overall.

Tash and I, like I have mentioned before, are FAR from perfect. We still buy items that cannot be recycled or composted, we are human. A few items that are not zero waste compared to everything that’s not zero waste makes an unbelievable difference.

Now some may think that throwing things away will decompose and it’s not their problem anymore…well every item you throw away is your problem. Some of the most simple ways to produce less waste is by getting a compost bin, eating meatless one day a week, buying items without plastic or Styrofoam packaging, skipping the bag and straw and many, many, more.

We have to change our thoughts and views on things to help our planet. WE, humans, are the only ones producing all this excess waste. Nature produces no waste, that cannot be used in some way or reabsorbed by Earth.

Zero waste living is not that hard if you just realized you do not have to be perfect! This is a learning curve that we as humans need to learn quickly. Let me know some of the ways you can be more waste conscious at home.

Much love-SJ

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