Zero Waste Gardening–Carrot Tip

Hello! I hope everyone has a great Easter, if you celebrate! This weekend since Tash and I didn’t have time to go home for Easter, we went and harvested things from our garden.

It was the biggest harvest of the season so far and I was so excited! We pulled up all our carrots even though they were a little small, however it’s getting too toasty in Florida for them. To save their flavor, we just went ahead and pulled them up. We were pleasantly surprised with them and their taste was amazing.

If you have not tasted homegrown carrots, you are missing out! They are so much sweeter then the store bought ones. The carrots also have a better snap to them went cutting. Yum, yum, yum. I mean, all the stuff you grow at home tastes better…buuuuuut the carrots are a noticeable better taste.

From the garden, we also picked cherry tomatoes, a green bell pepper, and cilantro.

Now, with being as low waste as possible, Tash and I were thinking of what we could do with the carrot greens because they are edible! So, I decided to dehydrate them and make dried herbs! The carrots tops have a similar taste to parsley with a hint of that carrot flavor. Smells amazing and tastes amazing!

Just look at how pretty those green tops are! To deydrate carrot tops is super simple. I used a dehydrator but you can also use your oven.

Dehydrated Carrot Top Recipe

  1. If using dehydrator, put on medium temperature setting. If using oven preheat to as low as oven will go (ours is 250 F).
  2. Cut off the thick stems and place on dehydrator rack OR a lined baking sheet for oven.
  3. Cook in dehydrator for a few hours or until the leaves are dried out. The oven will be much shorter time, just keep an eye on them, so you don’t burn the edges.
  4. Use hands to crush the leaves and place in a seal tight container!

And that’s it! You can use it in place of parsley or in addition. I love that from becoming as low waste as possible, that I have been able to come up with ideas to use my food in it’s entirety. It saves soooo much money!-SJ

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