How we Celebrated Earth Day and How you can CONTINUE to Celebrate all Year

Woo! Well Earth Day was so much fun! I hope everyone was able to find a way to celebrate this year. And if you didn’t, that’s okay because you still have the rest of the year to do something.

Tash and I teamed up with local organizations in Florida to celebrate. We did yoga in the park with Yoga 4 Change, followed by a park clean up with Clean Your 904 and Make Less Trash Jax.

Yoga 4 Change is non-profit organization that brings evidence based yoga curriculum to veterans, incarcerated individuals, youth and anyone suffering from substance abuse. They also do community classes around the city for those individuals listed above to continue to do yoga. Which in my opinion is totally awesome, we need more groups like this in the community! Namaste.

Clean Your 904 is an emerging non-profit whose goal is to bring the community together to keep the beaches, park and streets clean. They organize cleanups throughout our city and spread awareness of environmental consciousness. During each clean up they do a “Weirdest Finds” competition and a competition on who collects the most cigarette butts. They recycle what they can from the clean up and the rest goes in the trash. The cigarette butts get donated to Terracyle. The weirdest find thus far has been a pair of jeans with a burrito in the pocket.

Make Less Trash Jax is an organization that explores the way we reduce our trash and live mindfully. They talk about easy ways to create less trash in your home, which in turn helps the city.

With all that being said…Tash and I suck at yoga haha. I’ll admit it, we’re weak. We need to work on our muscles. It’s been two days and I’m still sore. Send help! Oh well, it happens…but we did have a blast during yoga, it was such a neat experience to do it outside with so many like minded individuals. The yoga instructor was funny, she related all the yoga poses to something about the Earth.

Before the pain

After the yoga, we all got out buckets and gloves and went off into the park and surrounding neighborhood to pick up trash and cigarettes. Tash and I, alone picked up 5 gallons worth of trash and 373 cigarettes!!! All within less than a 1/4 mile radius. This all took place within an hour. That is insane and so sad. Our weirdest find was a pair of Lucky’s Boxers. So glad we had gloves. haha. When we returned back to the start site, the group as a whole filled a 5 gallon bucket of cigarettes!! Unfortunately not too much of what we found in the park and neighborhood was recyclable, with the whole group, we only filled up a stand sized recycle bin. Being able to work with the group for Earth Day was such a fulfilling experience! We had a couple people just walking around who stopped us and thanked us for what we were doing.

Now! How can you celebrate everyday? Continue to volunteer for clean ups like this one! Our next one is over Memorial Day. Reduce what you have! A lot of things that you want…you don’t actually need. Reuse items in your house. Trying to get rid of that plastic tupper-ware? Reuse it as a sewing kit or a to go container for the kids in the car or maybe even an emergency car kit! I know this is gross, but go through you trash and recycle items that can be recycled. Check with your local recycling company to see what items they accept. Recycling is not the best answer because so little of our stuff actually gets recycled, but for what you have at home, definitely put it in recycle if you can. Refuse freebie type items, usually they’re cheap and break easily. They tend to just collect and add more to what you don’t need. Lastly, rot. 🙂 I’m always talking about composting. Put your scraps, pet hair, hair from your brush, vacuum contents, and dryer lint in the compost!

There are soooo many other ways to continue to celebrate Earth Day everyday. It’s honestly just a matter of opening your eyes.-SJ

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