Zero Waste and Sustainable Water Filtration…Miyabi Charcoal

Hi! I’m super excited about this blog post! I recently collaborated with Miyabi Charcoal and this post is going to be all about that. As you all know, I’m just a military partner trying to live as green as possible. What is Miaybi Charcoal, you may ask? Well..I am here to tell you all about them and my experience with them.

Miyabi Charcoal is a small company that creates water purifiers from bamboo and charcoal. Bamboo is an eco friendly alternative from wood because it grows at such fast rates and doesn’t cause deforestation. Bamboo also reduces the carbon dioxide in the air, as well as producing lots of oxygen. Also, the bamboo that Miyabi uses is bamboo that is already a waste product. In turn, this makes them pretty sustainable.

Miyabi does not use activated charcoal because it requires a chemical process. Instead, they use high heat for adsorption. By doing this, when you are done, the charcoal bamboo can be composted. Speaking of that, this company created a product that doesn’t use waste and can be returned back to Earth. Like I said, it can be composted when finished with OR you can break it up and put directly into your garden.

So, now that I’ve given a little background…what does it actually do. Well, the porous surface of the charcoal absorbs gases and chemicals, taking them out of your water. Think of a Brita water filter…essentionally that is what Miyabi Charcoal is replacing…You are not producing plastic waste and you are cleaning your water without any added chemicals to the charcoal. Pretty cool, huh?! AND on top of removing all the impurities, you are creating mineral water for yourself! Win, win in my book.

My experience with Miyabi has been nothing but amazing. There are different sizes you can get, skinny ones for small openings, and large ones, for bigger openings. I decided to go with the skinny ones. Once I got these, they came with a step by step of how to prepare it before you put it in your water.

First, I had to rinse the charcoal to get all the dust off. Then, I boiled them for 5 minutes. After they were boiled, I let them air dry in the sun and then put them in your water! I put three skinny sticks in a reused spaghetti sauce jar…let them sit for an hour to do all their magic work and you are ready to drink!

I poured the water from my jar into my water bottle that I take to work everyday and to be honest, I was so impressed. It has been the best water I have ever tasted. I refilled the jar back up and it is patiently waiting for me at home. Side note, when I filled up my water, I purposely used the tap water. I definitely recommend Miyabi Charcoal to anyone and everyone, so head on over to their instagram, facebook or web page to learn more about them!

It’s companies like these, that have our future in mind is what we need!-SJ

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