Plastic Free Traveling While Being Vegan


This post is going to be really real…I traveled recently to San Diego to visit Tasha’s family and let me tell you about trying to traveling plastic free, it is difficult BUT not impossible. I learned a lot of things traveling this way and I know more about the next time I travel.

It definitely requires a little bit of planning before your trip to make this possible. Flying for more then a few hours makes me cringe if I don’t have food available to me. This is where the planning comes in…I used my Tri Bento from ECO Lunchbox. I was able to use the three different compartments to fill up with my snacks. The bento worked perfectly because I didn’t have to use plastic baggies or carry multiple containers, which take up precious space in your carry on.

When going to an airport, they do have certain rules that you have to abide by, which I am sure you all are aware of. With a carry on bag, you can bring liquids but only up to 3 ounces. I drink about a lot of water daily and 3 ounces just won’t cut it. The airlines will not allow you to bring water through the security gate, but there is a way around this. If you bring an empty water bottle (reusable to reduce waste) on your carry on, the security will let you pass! Once you get through security they have water fountains that you can fill up your bottle with. I traveled with my Cobo Bottle, it was the perfect size to fit in my backpack without completely weighing it down.

These two ways are how I cut down on single use plastic at the airport and by making sure I have vegan options available to me. Bringing my water bottle helps because I am not getting the little plastic cups that the flight attendants come by with. They’re literally only used once and on longer flights, they attendants come by a few times! So, in one day of flying, I eliminated using SIX single use plastic cups…just imagine how many people are on the plane and they all brought their own cups with them…I’d be the happiest girl in the world.

Having lay overs are no fun and you may be tempted to eat…which is why you should pack your own food! Everything and I mean everything is packaged in plastic at the airport, except maybe bananas or apples. haha. And a if you are vegan, there are literally no options for you. I got delays and canceled and I practically traveled for 36 hours…horrible way to spend a weekend by the way. I searched the terminal up and down in Chicago and everything thing had some sort of dairy or was meat and most things in my terminal was grab and go so I couldn’t even ask for items not to go on it.

I mentioned that my flights got delayed several times and after traveling that long, I did break down and got a large iced coffee…I know this uses plastic however, they do have recycling at this airport. Not the greatest reason, but buying one thing in plastic after 36 hours, I wasn’t too terribly upset about it. Next time I travel, I will pack more vegan food in the event that I get delayed like I did.

Traveling is probably one of the most wasteful, plastic filled things in life. When you open your eyes to plastic, you see it everywhere. But do know, there are ways for you to avoid all the plastic and especially if you are vegan, I urge you to bring your own food!

Again, you don’t need to be perfect…just making an effort makes the world of difference! Let me know some other tips and tricks you have for traveling plastic free-SJ

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