The Vegans are Coming

To all the vegans who were vegans years ago, I take my hat off to you! In 2019, there are so many vegan alternatives to different foods. Pretty much every store carries vegan items now. It is such an amazing thing.

In my opinion social media has influenced this a lot. Our generation has access to information at the palm of our hands. More and more people are spreading the idea of veganism and how it affects our planet. If you want to do one thing to help save this planet…go vegan. This is the best way to save our planet. And to be honest, the time is now. If we as Earth, as one whole being, don’t make a drastic change, we will be extinct. Normally I do not make sure heart heavy posts, but we do need to open our eyes. We are killing this planet. Commercial animal agriculture produces so much methane into our atmosphere, which heats up our planet. Not only does it do that, but it takes up just under 50% of our land. Plant based diets….they take up only 7% of our land. This is a drastic difference!

Anyways back to what I was saying…the vegans are coming! Our economy works on supply and demand…well now big companies are starting to offer vegan options (Tyson and Kellogg’s Morning Star)! Restaurants are now having vegan alternatives and some even have a whole vegan menu! People are slowing starting to realize that we don’t need to kill this planet to eat good, nutritious, food. Impossible Foods is disrupting the meat industry with their new plant based items! Avid meat eaters are buying the Impossible Foods products for a HEALTHIER ALTERNATIVE!! The majority of Impossible Foods buyers, are in fact meat eaters.

I work in food and nutrition and there are so many options for protein besides meat. And by eating all of these plant based proteins, you are cutting down on your cholesterol, reducing inflammation in the body and many other illnesses related to food and poor diet. Just think of a world where we all ate plants and we were all healthier because we didn’t have to invest in sick care and rather used preventative care with our diets…

The vegans are comings. I can get into gruesome details…but I won’t. You can head over to PETA for that. I urge you though just to do your own thorough research and try some more vegan options in you weekly routine. It is good for you and good for the planet. Much love-SJ

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