Hanging Planter from Scrap Wood

Hi there! I have been so busy with DIYs around the house to keep me entertained since Tasha’s work schedule has been absolutely hectic. We all know how much I love zero waste and plastic free, etc…so I was thinking of what I already had on hand to make some thing. Also, I had just bought the cutest little silver pothos plant and he needed the perfect home.

This project is one of my most favorite and memorable projects to date!! I used a scrap piece of wood that I had left over from building a platform bed and then went to the store to buy the string and beads, so it wasn’t 100% zero waster but I did not have any string strong enough to hold the planter. I had been wanted a hanging planter for so long! I wasn’t a fan of the macabre ones though which were all I could find.

The wood that I had left over was square in shape which was perfect. I had some extra pots from Ikea so I found one that would fit in the wood and then I went searching the house for something circular that was smaller then the top of the pot but bigger then the bottom of the pot. After a good search, I found a glass bakeware and traced it onto the wood. Then the hardest part came next. I had to cut this hole from the center of the wood…I ended up using a large drill bit and drill holes around the trace mark and then I got the jig saw and worked it through the holes. The big hole for the pot to sit is definitely not a perfect circle buuuuuuut it worked. After that I drilled a hole on each corner so for the string and the beads. From doing an earlier project I had left over polyurethane, which worked well since I like the raw color of the wood, however, you can definately stain or paint! Next, I glued the beads over the four holes, put the string int and voila. I had a modern hanging basket!!

I wanted to hang this from the wall instead of the ceiling and I decided that I would make a L-bracket from left over wood. I thought this would have been so cute! As, I was attempting to cut the wood with the chop saw, I did not secure the base and I broke my finger!! Hence, why this will be my most memorable project ever. So, kids, learn from me…ALWAYS double check when using a saw!

Here is a list of what I used!

-scrap wood
-fake leather twine
-wooden beads
-drill with drill bit
-jig saw
-sand paper
-plant pot

Again, zero waste is using what you already have on hand. In this project I reused what I had and also re-purposed something as well. Let me know some of you fun DIY projects with scrap wood! Much love- SJ

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